bea bear's

Bew20_19 Kopie

Who I am …
… al started with my sister's old teddy bear. I gave him and his used paws and defective snout a new home.

I love handiwork since I was child. At the age of 8 I began to paint porcelain.
After the birth of our first son, I had more time for my hobbies and so I tried to create my own porcelain-pupates. I enjoyed very much to watch the growth of these porcelain-pupates.
(First there were only the casted models and at the end I had an own personal work of art).
When our second son was born, I searched for something to reload my batteries in order to be ready for the demanding family life.
And so this all started with my sister's old, defective teddy bear.

Without knowing anything, I started to look for the respective patterns and material needed. I visited various courses and soon I found my own style.

It was in 2000 when I for the first time participated in a exhibition in order to show my teddy bears.
It was very exciting for me to experience how my teddy bears found a new home.
From there on, the teddy bear fervor has bought me completely. I met many people and they all encouraged me to carry on with my ideas and at the same time, they gave me the possibility to attend further exhibitions.
So, the teddy bears are still part of my life.